Who knew quantifying business decisions could be this easy?

Reframer unlocks the power of collaborative research and team driven decisions. Our value and feasibility based decision engine helps you quantify qualitative data.

I. Quantify the Qualitative

Overview of observations, judgements, concepts.

Desirable. Sustainable. Feasible.

The smartest business decisions consider customer benefits, business value, and technical feasibility. We help you tie the three together without an MBA.

Traceable lifecycle

Create Fully Traceable Lifecycles

Link customer research to business goals. Add a design concept and you've just tied the knot between desirable and feasible.

Flexible semantic structure

Flexible Semantic Structure

Organize your data on your terms based on meaningful descriptors. We don't impose some arbitrary, pre-defined structure.

II. Discover & Prioritize

Prioritize based on value and feasibility.

Cream Rises to the Top

Take the guesswork out of making design and business decisions. High-value, high-feasibility items rise to the top and low-value, low-feasibility items fall to the bottom.

Find themes and relationships

Intelligent Theme Finder

Other systems sort and filter. Our intelligent theme finder identifies relationships in your data. We even show you how strong the connections are.

Distributed team

Distributed Team-based Decisions

Now you can involve your entire team in the decision process. Creative problem solvers can pitch concepts and the techies can weigh in on feasibility.

III. Collaborate

Real-time activity stream

Real-time Aggregated Activity

Say good riddance to the pain of manually mashing up dozens of spreadsheets. Your team's observation notes are automatically aggregated into a real-time activity stream. Painless.

Collaobration. Add people and groups

Collaborative Groups

Want to add a collaborator or an entire group? We've got you covered. We'll even help you find them. If they're not already using Reframer, just send them an invite.

Easily manage access and roles

Total Access Control

You have complete control over who has access on a project-by-project basis. You can even change their access from contributor to reviewer or tech reviewer.

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